• HI! I’ll be NYC starting tomorrow if anyone wants to see my book, drink coffee or get their pix taken. Hit me up☎️

  • Conceptual still-life made for an internal project for a Cleveland-based agency

    Cleveland, OH (2014)

  • Finally getting around to scanning some images from a project I’ve been working on all summer.

    Cleveland, OH (2014)

    from Queen Ave.

  • After a year, my friend Paolo Appley and I finally finished my first handmade book made for my series, 'A Collection'. We plan on making 5, but for now this is the only one we’ve completed(and 10,000 prototypes). These are some of the details that we added to the book: Wax seal logo on cover, an extra flap that closes with internal magnets, custom printed black on black backing paper with logo pattern, ‘about the project’ pamphlet printed on found newsprint from the 1950s, a collection of signed and numbered removable prints. 

  • Hilary Holmes

    MUA: Peggy Wright

    Hair: Holly Rhodes

    Cleveland, OH(2013)

  • Outtakes from a recent WSJ shoot from the Cleveland Museum of Art and Briggs Residence, more images on my website here.

    Article by Nancy Keates here.

    for The Wall Street Journal (2014)