• outtakes with Kevin Gerrone, Sideshow banner designer and carnival collector. Shown with his two headed taxidermied pig in the first image.

    for UAW-Ford Community, 2014

  • Outtakes from a last minute shoot in Columbus the other day with Cathy Tiffany at her salon.

    Savings Showdown: Retirement For You Versus College For Kids by Allison Linn.

    Story here

    for NBC News, 2014

  • wonderfulmachine:

    To the knowledge of the average person, neonatal organ donation is impossible. And although it’s rare, with just 21 donors less than 1 week old between 2008-2013, it’s actually growing in popularity. In May of 2012, Ohio native Deanna Slifka and her family helped to shed light on this rare procedure after her baby girl was stillborn. Although Dianna was surprised to receive the call about neonatal donation, she thought twice about it and then simply said, “yes.”

    The Littlest Donors. Photo by Ricky Rhodes.

    Thanks WonderfulMachine