• kevinkopanski:

    The one and only…Ricky Rhodes. Bummed to see this dude leave my building. This guy is one of the many photographer that truly inspire me.

    Lookin good after moving out of my studio… Kevin is one of the best dudes I’ve ever met and is doing some really important work. Check out his work from Uganda with the Poultry project and watch out for his new body of work from Kenya in the near future.

    and thanks for the kind words.

    I’m sifting through a bunch of new work and will be back to posting soon.

  • outtakes with Kevin Gerrone, Sideshow banner designer and carnival collector. Shown with his two headed taxidermied pig in the first image.

    for UAW-Ford Community, 2014

  • Outtakes from a last minute shoot in Columbus the other day with Cathy Tiffany at her salon.

    Savings Showdown: Retirement For You Versus College For Kids by Allison Linn.

    Story here

    for NBC News, 2014