• Goodyear, AZ
Paris, FR Amsterdam, NL Namur, BE Chicago, IL NY, NY Leiden, NL NOLA

    2014 year in travel, chronologically. One image from each trip.

  • 'Queen Ave. Dead End' was featured on Juxtapoz yesterday. Take a peek here.

    I’ll be showing a few prints from the series at 78th Street Studios this Friday, December 19th at Peter Larson & Frank Oriti’s studio on the third floor.

    View the full series here

  • Santa’s Own, an Ohio based company, used to make all of their artificial Christmas trees in China, but moved production back to the US this year.

    Brunswick, OH (2014)

    for NBC News

  • Dr. Tuohy has made a vaccine that has been 100% effective in preventing breast cancer in mice. The vaccine was approved for human trial this year and Dr. Tuohy estimates there will be a preventive vaccine available in 10 years.

    for Ratchet + Wrench (2014)